Creating things just happens to me, i don't have a choice in the matter. It's like a 'all systems go' or 'running on all cylinders', and normally means i'm doing well. i've been this way all my life or at least as long as i can remember. i'm an interpreter for the deaf full time and i can see, sometimes, how it influences what i do. The use of a visual, spacial language has occasionally influenced my choice of design.

Polymer paints are quite thick and give a bit of dimension to projects. i enjoy developing new and innovative ways to apply them. i just love the way my painted Christmas ornaments look on the tree. They give the look of stained glass, without the weight and they really showcase the reflective quality of the lights. i also like painting baby's names on glass to match the colors of their rooms to give as gifts to expectant mothers. The look on their face the first time they see it is priceless.

Purchased hand painted stemware is often 'hand wash only' and that just doesn't fit my lifestyle . i began trying paints that could be baked on to the glass to make it dishwasher safe as well. Paint on glass is also often opaque and pastel. i want to bring a more transparent look to the glass to enhance it's sparkle and clarity. i love deep, rich, vibrant color.

My decision to paint barware coincided with my love of trying new wines. At brunch with friends, as they were adding charms to the glasses so we could tell our Mimosas apart, it struck me that i could paint glasses to match our personalities and abolish the need for charms.

Living in Athens has caused me to approach bulldogs with a different perspective. This is an endeavor that, i believe, will continue to evolve. How will bulldogs develop through the glass and paint? Stay tuned.